Elements of Art on YouTube

Are you in need of some good videos to show students all of the different Elements of Art? We tried to compile all of our favorites (including our own). If you have any more examples let me know and I can add them to this list.

  • Paint It Kids – Paint It Kids has 2 playlists for the Elements of Art. One focused on K-4 and an animated version focused on 4-7.
    • Beginner Art Education – this playlist is focused on younger students and has Miss Kate talking and giving examples.
    • Elements of Art – this playlist is for older kids and is animated.
  • KQED Art School – this playlist is for older students and has a lot of examples of art from artists and how they use the different elements.
  • Jessica Hopper – This is a 20 minute video meant for older kids that goes over all the elements of art. Jessica is a high school art teacher.
  • Design Dojo – This is an animated playlist from Design Dojo with a narrator.
  • Kayla Martone – this is a very quick video that gives clear and concise examples of each of the elements. This is meant for younger kids.

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